About eCast Settlement Corporation

eCAST Settlement Corporation (“eCAST”) is a U.S. based purchaser of consumer receivables. eCAST specializes in the purchase and administration of claims where the debtor has petitioned for protection under the United States Bankruptcy code. eCAST purchases these claims from large financial institutions and other creditors. eCAST has engaged the bankruptcy law firm Becket & Lee, LLP to manage communications with debtors and trustees, and they can be reached using the contact details below.

Contact Us

eCAST Settlement Corporation
383 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10179
Telephone: 1 800 273 9270
Email: ecast.fo@jpmorgan.com

For states that maintain their consumer licenses in the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS), information about eCAST’s licenses can be found using the NMLS Consumer Access page located here. eCAST’s NMLS ID number is 1710.

eCAST Notifications

For any bankruptcy related questions, please refer to:

Receivables Management Association (“RMA”) Certified Member Company

Certification Number: C1603-1083
RMA Certified Professional: John Kirincic
Certification Number: P1906-1321
RMA Consumer Education


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